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Dave Hahn - Mountain Guide - Ski Patrolman
Dave Hahn
Mountain Guide
Ski Patrolman


Dave Hahn
has reached the summit of Mount Everest fifteen times (out of 19 tries), more than any non-sherpa climber.
He has guided climbers to the summit of Mount Rainier more than 275 times,
He has led 30 attempts on Denali, reaching the summit 21 times.
Dave has reached the summit of the Vinson Massif in Antarctica 35 times.
In 2006 Dave guided a team of professional athletes on an expedition to ski Mount Everest.
In 1999 Dave participated in the expedition that discovered and identified the remains of explorer George Mallory, who died trying to scale Everest in 1924.
Dave has been on seven expeditions to the island of South Georgia and has led trekkers overland on the "Shackleton Traverse",which in 2004 won Outside Magazine's Trip of the Year Award.
He has participated in many visits by ship to the Antarctic Peninsula.
Dave shot high-altitude video for the PBS NOVA program Lost on Everest, and guided a film crew into the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctica on a journey of discovery that resulted in the Emmy-Award-winning film, Mountain of Ice.
Dave is a member of the Whittaker Mountaineering guide team. View Dave Hahn's gear suggestions on the Whittaker Mountaineering website.


275+ summits of Mount Rainier
21 summits of Denali
15 summits of Mount Everest
3 summits of Kilimanjaro
2 summits of Cho Oyu
1 summit Aconcagua, Argentina 35 Vinson summits including East Side, plus ascents of Shinn and Gardner
Swiss and French Alps (Mont Blanc, Jungfrau, Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, etc.)

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David Hahn - Ska/Reggae/Guitarist/Dub Orghanizer from NYC
David Hahn - Ska/Reggae/Guitarist/Dub Orghanizer from NYC
Dave Hahn

NYC based Ska/Reggae guitarist and Dub Organizer.
Known for work with numerous NYC area Ska and reggae acts. Current main band is 'Dub Is A Weapon"
Bandcamp - Dub Is A Weapon page
About Dub Is A Weapon
With many years, hundreds of shows, and thousands of miles behind them, Dub Is A Weapon has truly earned the title of the hardest working band in dub business. What started out as little more then a recording project in a Brooklyn loft has now turned into a full-fledged sonic assault force with, "bass and drum coming so hard and dangerous you can see the competition's bloodstains." (Village Voice) Appearances alongside such notable artists as Matisyahu, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Femi Kuti, Antibalas, the Benevento/Russo Duo, Easy Star All-Stars, Steel Pulse, the Slackers, the Wailers, John Brown's Body, Mad Professor, and Jah Wobble have helped them to convert legions of music fans with their, "chassis-rattling dub beats that defy the laws of rhythm maintenance." (Chicago Reader)
But perhaps the surest sign that Dub Is A Weapon is truly a force to be reckoned with is its new found alliance with one of the few men who can truly claim to be a dub legend: Lee 'Scratch' Perry. After six long years of not having set foot here in the U.S.A., Mr. Perry chose the Brooklyn-based group of dub warriors to serve as his opening act and backing band, giving the group a rare opportunity to perform alongside a man that many view as one of the most influential record producers and performers to ever come out of Jamaica. This alliance was well received by fans and critics alike, drawing large crowds throughout the United States and Canada.
Boasting a smooth combination of reggae beats, soaring melodies, and swirling atmospherics, Dub Is A Weapon has certainly distinguished themselves as a true musical pioneers. While many groups now clamour to adopt the increasingly fashionable sounds of dub, Dub Is A Weapon has steadfastly refined their sound and are recognized as the best in the business. Great things are afoot, and its only a matter of time before these dub warriors succeed in their quest to spread their gospel of roots

David J. Hahn
Dave is the founder of California Surfcraft and the inventor of the Bodypo.
Dave was trained as a jazz pianist in Chicago, as a merchant marine in Honolulu,
and as a start-up entrepreneur in San Francisco. He is a cancer survivor, an advocate for unlikely career paths and a father.

Find him on Twitter twitter.com/davidjhahn
or follow California Surfcraft on Instagram. http://instagram.com/californiasurfcraft
David Hahn - Classical Composer
David Hahn Ph.D.
Classical Composer

David Hahn composes diverse styles of music ranging from the experimental sounds of a quartet of electronically-processed guitars played by himself to chamber music featuring traditional instruments and voices. He was educated as a practicing musician and a music scholar at Brown University, The New England Conservatory of Music, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Stanford University. A former faculty member of the Early Music Department at The New England Conservatory, he received the doctorate in historical musicology from Stanford University in 1993.
As a professional guitarist, mandolinist and lutenist, David Hahn has performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony and Opera Orchestras, Boston Musica Viva, the Seattle Symphony, Musica Nel Chiostro in Florence, and the City of London Festival. He is a co-founder of the Boston Renaissance Ensemble which performed widely in the US and Europe and received the Noah Greenberg Award for "excellence in the performance of Early Music" from the American Musicological Society...

Contact Information
9524 20th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98115
website email
David C. Hahn - Photographer
David C. Hahn
Professional Wedding Photographer

Kansas City

This Dave Hahn is a professional wedding photographer in Kansas City along with his wife Aubree.
Dave is also a musician and in addition to singing plays the piano, guitar and trombone.
Dave grew up in Lawrence, KS. and now resides in Kansas City.

Dave Hahn's Photography Blog
Contact Information
email @ dave@thehahns.org


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