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Dave Hahn, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist of the Americana, Acoustic, Folk/Rock, Retro, Alternative Country, Kitchen-Sink Genre
"Folk/Americana Guitarist known throughout the ski resort towns of the intermountain western US. His sound is steeped in the Folk/Rock tradition of the Late 60's and early 70's with a bit of the modern Country production. Hahn is known as a very versatile vocalist and a master acoustic guitarist. A painter of lyric and melody with intelligent multi-faceted thought-provoking songs".
Dave was born in Chicago in '59, raised in Phoenix, but now lives in Utah. Self taught to play guitar starting about 1968, drawing from the playing styles of artists such as; James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot etc.
"He is a unique combination of songcrafter and chameleon. His original music is strong and inviting, but his ability to emulate other artists when covering popular songs is amazing."
Some newspaper reviewers have a tendency to classify Dave as "Country/Western" (that is usually the ones who don't listen to Country) Although Dave covers a large repertoir of country songs, his CD's of original songs really fit more in the Americana, Easy Listening, Folk & Pop genres.
"If you admire an artist who has the power to intertwine words and music well enough that it inspires you into stopping and contemplating hidden emotions no matter how big, small or insignificant you may have thought them to be, let Dave Hahn take your hand. Together you can journey through the spectrums of the human mind, heart and soul."

1983-'87; As Is...Guitarist (with Fred Helbling)
1987-'88; Outcry...Guitarist
1988-'89; John Mandeville...Guitarist
1989-'91; Justus Brothers...Bass
1992- Present; Dave Hahn...Guitar & Vocals
1992- Present; Fred & Dave...Guitar & Vocals
1992- Present; Range Rooster...Guitar & Vocals

Home Grown Cassette Circa 1993
Dave Hahn CD Circa 1997
Second Generation ReMasters CD Circa 2002
Hahn - Solo CD Circa 2005


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