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"Dave keeps it close to the heart and simply takes you on the journey with him."
"Dave Hahn is a perceptive observer and takes his listeners on a personal journey of reflection. This CD is an intelligent blend of stellar songwriting (he ups the standards), and ace musicianship. His powerful and soothing vocals blend all of these elements together and carry you right into an emotional landscape. I've listened to (the songs on) this CD for over 10 years. It's not one that sits collecting dust on the shelf after a few plays. Every single song on this CD is a masterpiece that demands being heard time and time again. It just rocks and rolls in all the right places."
Stacy Keith (cdbaby.com review)

"Dave Hahn is simply one of the best singer-songwriters around. His guitar work is impeccable, evoking emotions in the listener as much as his voice and lyrics, which are both soul-stirring."
Craig Helms (rollingstone.com review)

"Smooth, mellow, yet raucous in all the right places, you can't grow tired of Dave's music as his rich voice flows with it. There's nothing forced; just a stream in which you drift along with each selection."
Marli Slater, My kind of country

"To me, all of Dave's songs are really conversations, not preachy monologues, self-indulgent soliloquies, or pretentious sonnets. His songs beckon you to listen to them, to relate to them, and ultimately, to respond to the deep stirrings of your own heart."
Clifton Sanders Ph.D., "A view from the inside"

"If you admire an artist who has the power to intertwine words and music well enough that it inspires you into stopping and contemplating hidden emotions no matter how big, small or insignificant you may have thought them to be. let Dave Hahn take your hand. Together you can journey through the spectrums of the human mind, heart and soul."
John O'Connor, Music Media Interactive

"WOW. Dave is one talented guy. His guitar playing is stellar, the songwriting is honest and surprising in its direction on occasion - something I truly appreciate. He has a fantastically emotional voice. Lots of skill displayed here. This is folk & country at its most heartfelt. Well worth a listen or three. "
Jodi Krangle,"Urban Tapestry"

"He sings his original compositions with raw emotion and a strong well tuned voice. His acoustic guitar picking is rock solid whether doing raucous rock tunes or soft love songs. All of his songs are reflections of personal experiences, and his rugged country voice clearly tells his story."
To the Bone Interactive

"He is a master on the Acoustic guitar! His unique talent allows him to sound like the original artist. With his own songs he sings you will hear a special quality, insight and talent he has been blessed with."
Jerry Hinton, Webmaster at "Cowboys 'n' Cowgirls"

"Dave Hahn's folk is watercolored with subtle country influences. His comforting campfire voice and two-part harmonies seem to give rise to a third melody to his floating songs. The coo of harmonica and mandolin add layers of texture."
Listen.com - Editors Review

"The album is an eclectic mix of music. I don't think you could label it "country", but it is clearly evident that the songs and the singer have country in their souls... and you can, justifiably, label it 'great music'".
Album Review By: Cheryl Harvey Hill - CountryCharts.com

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